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6 disc CD changer MP3 compatible?

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Hi All:

I took and SSR for a tst drive this past weekend. The dealer could not answer the question and I did not have a disc to test it out. Does the 6 disc changer support MP3s?

If it doesn't support mp3s that would kind of stink. I would rather have an MP3 player than 6 disc changer.

Also if it does not, does anyone have a recommendation on a MP3 unit that would retain steering wheel controls.


- Mike
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The 2005 SSR's does support the MP3's. If it is an 04 it will not.


MP3 capability is only on the 2005..1SA model with the single CD radio.

It will be the standard Radio/CD for the 1SS model for 2006 and not available with the 2SS or 3SS trim levels.
290 is correct, the 6 disk changer does NOT support MP3, the single does.
I stand corrected. I was told that the 05 supported the mp3.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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