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Do a Dealer Inventory Search

pesos said:
going down to Glendale for a few days for the holidays -- anyone know of any dealerships in the area with a 6 spd for test drive?

thanks, Wes
Hey Wes,

You might want to do an area dealer search and see who has what on their lots. You will need to know the zip-codes of the areas you want to do your search(s) in. Call them in advance to ask if you might be able to take a short test drive. Do this so you will know what to expect when you get there. Most dealers won't let you test drive one unless they feel you are a "solid" prospective buyer. I suggest you line up a potential sales person and give them your info so they will be willing to help you out when you get there. This can save you a lot of your valuable time when you arrive there.

Good luck!

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i have done the chevy search and couldn't come up with a single dealer in the LA area witha 6 spd. the two dealers up here in my area are listed as having one each but they won't actually be on the lot for at least another week -- both are cool with a test drive, they just have to get them in!!! ugh...

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Chevy dealer on Brand Blvd. Allen Gwynn Chev. (818 240-0000)where I purchased my 03. I don't know If they have the 6 speed or not.
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