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For those of you keeping track of serial numbers, 8101 is due to be delivered to the dealer here in Florida any day now. Its a silver one. I just had another dealer tell me they are making 25000 units this year. HMMMMM At the rate they are going they will need 25 months in 2004, or between now and when they start making the 05's.

Picked up #6591 last Wed the 7th in Vancouver WA. Already have 175 around town miles. Can't count the number of times people have stopped me in a parking lot to ask about it. About half of them know something about it; almost all of them want to see the top go up or down. Today I actually had some one follow me home to take a peek. Don't buy one of these if you are a shy person, it's getting to a point my wife doesn’t want to drive it because of the attention.

PS Just got confirmation today my new plate is HTSSROD good by SLYDUR.


1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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