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Just got back my SSR after having the dealer look at, originally the flutter on fan speed 2, then whistling, then air blowing when fan off.

The good news:
1) The fan is quiet!
2) The A/C is cold.
3) All vents blow air very hard
4) All other missing and damaged parts occurring during fan fix have also been fixed.

Bad news:
1) there is still a good amount of air that blows through the vents when the fan is off and the air position setting is set to 'dash vent'. They say that less air is coming through than before, but that can't to anything else to fix it unless GM comes up with a solution. I can put the air position setting on 'floor' and I hardly notice the 'extra' air. So I will just continue to do that.

So I believe that everything is now fixed (except for the cup holder) !!!!


Mine's going in tomorrow for the fan!

Hi-I'm taking our black beauty in tomorrow for the same fan problem! No noise on any other setting except 2-then a flutter (good term!!).

If I must get wrinkles, please let them be laugh lines!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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