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jimbeard said:
My wife started her 2003 SSR today and noticed that it was blowing out Hot air.
Well she just turned the A/C off and put the top down.

Later when she got where she was going and then got back in the car and started it - the A/C worked great.

Anyone have this problem?

Hmmm maybe the headlights are tied to the A/C (just kidding)
My AC would not blow continous cold air. On a hot day(100 degrees) we noticed the air would blow cold for about 10 seconds and then warm for about 10 seconds. The Chevy dealer said it was low on 134A fluid because the compressor was leaking. He recharged the system and ordered a new compressor. They received it in a week. They installed it in a day and it appears to work just fine now. This has been my only problem in six months of ownership. I have enjoyed this SSR more than any previous vehicle and I have been driving various Corvettes for the past 36 years. I can't complain.
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