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A few questions and Hello!

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Well I have decided to buy an SSr. I currently have a 2500HD Diesel 4X4 Crew Cab and love it. 451hp and 817tq! I do not use this truck for anything it was built for except driving back and forth to work in it.

Here are my questions:

What is the ride like in the SSR? I saw a show on speed and they said it was not sporty at all? What is the real world users opinion?

I am looking to get an 04 model.. Is the motor in them the ol LS1?

I know this is a loaded question but what about fuel milage? Ok?

and the last one for now...What has been the weak point if any on this truck?

Thanks for any information and I say Hello to everyone..I hope to soon be in a new one...
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Owned an extended cab z71 4x4. Had it for the times it snows in St. Louis, which is not much. I figured if I was going to burn gas I might as well do it in style. Got mine the day after Thanksgiving and love it.

I see about 18 mpg.

The only week point I have with mine is the cue ball shifter. Would have been great to have a split shift auto like in the wifes 350z. I love the sound when downshifting.

All in all I like the truck and use it as my daily driver, put on about 300 miles a week.

There are several engine mods out there to bump the HP up, just do a search on the forum and you'll find them.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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