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I'm toying around with a flat black or satin black or matte black finish for my Smokin Asphalt.

Question is:

1. How is this achieved, meaning how do I ask for it from a good paint guy?

2. Is flat, matte and satin all the same thing or is there a difference?

3. While I know it won't be "Glossy" (don't want it to be) is it hard to keep clean? or Can it be "polished" or protected?

4. How do you keep it clean?

Any help out there from you Paint Gods?


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You had a flat (satin) black example in one of your latest posting! Can you help him out?

A lot of the Harley people are going to the "old school" look and are using a flat black paint. If I remember correctly, after the flat (or satin) black is applied, they seal it with a non-gloss clear.

As you can see, I'm not the expert. But REBEL or Fuzzy can point you in the right direction.....

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All paint manufacturers have a flattening agent. You add this in to your top coat clear. Yes it will protect you from the sun. You can control the amount of dullness to some extent by the mix ratio. I have always wanted to try a high shine paint job with flat same color graphics on top.

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They need to be answering the paint questions. :thumbs

I believe some shops have found a millitary flat black that they are useing. ???
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