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Hi Claude,

I was asked by my friend Big Jim (not our Big Jim on here) to meet up with Claude and take some nice water (Niagara River) photos for him tonight. Even though it was as cold as H*LL I was able to get some quick shots off of his beautiful Slingshot 04 SSR. He asked me to post a few of the photos I took for him. My only wish was that it was bit warmer tonight and that we had a little more sunshine. BTW: I love your new plates there Claude! ;)

Here you go Claude... please give him a warm welcome! :seeya

See you when the weather is warmer ok Claude? ;)

Hi everyone! First of all, let me thank Marc for taking, and posting pictures of my 04 Slingshot SSR on this site! :thumbs He is truely a artist with his shots, and techniques! I also would like to tell you all that since I was old enough to drive, I have owned over 80 cars and trucks. Lots of musclecars, luxury cars, and SUV's are on the list. I'm sure you all know how unique these trucks are! I get more stares driving my SSR than any other vehicle I ever owned! My hats off to GM for actually building the SSR! The SSR is not at all practical, but it oozes cool like no other!!! Thanks again to my new friend Marc, and have a great day everyone! :party
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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