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A really crazy idea - 3500 mi road trip with new SSR?

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I know this will sound really crazy, seeing as how I just picked up my brand new SSR TODAY, but both me and my wife, Karen, have just loved the first few hours of riding around in it, and I got this crazy idea for a road trip, and she supports it!

I am temporarily actually between contract assignments at the moment, afer spending the majority of 2004 traveling on business, all on multi-link airline trips. I didn't get to enjoy any vacation at all.

Today, I suggested, not really seriously, that I should really take this rod on a real road trip, while I actually have the time to do it (next assignment will almost certainly take me to another city for a few months, and limit available time off).

A team of our church musicians are traveling out to Sausalito, 1 to 3 at a time, back and forth, over the next 3 to 4 weeks, to record a Christian music record release at a very respected recording studio.

The distance from Austin to Sausalito is about 1750 miles each way, so a 3500 mile road trip, and I suggested maybe I would just get into the SSR sometime in the next few days and go there and back, spending 3 to 4 days in the Bay area. The total trip would be about 10 days. Karen thought it was a great idea!

I am really attracted to going out there by car, as I love the Bay area scenery and driving, and would be able to hang out with and provide some moral support to the musicians from our church as they work their 11 hour days on the recording project.

I'm a little intimidated by 3 things:

- Weather and driving conditions in West Texas can get a little bad in the winter, if I get unlucky

- I hate to make a trip like that in a car that has not yet proven its reliability

- I don't even have license plates yet!

Karen has to work, but she even suggested I consider inviting one of the guys from the church to come along, especially if they are relatives to one of the musicians on the project.

What do the rest of you SSR fanatics think? Am I nuts, or could this actually work?

Jim G
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I'm going to do it!

Probably leave Saturday morning birght and early.

Jim G
Keith: Thanks for the alert! I am in Benson, AZ already, and will stay in Ontario, CA Sunday night. I had planned to go up I-5, so now I'll check my atlas and devekop an alternate route. I don't have Internet access at my hotel in Benson!! I had to go out in the SSR and find this spot where someone kindly let me access their wireless. We take SO much for granted, don't we . . .

My hotel in Ontario DOES have wireless access (I checked!!)

I'm probabky stoppnig in Santa Ana Monday before going up the coast. So, if anyone has any helpful rotuing advice on getting from Ontario or Santa Ana to Sausilito on Monday, send it to me email address: [email protected].

Jim G
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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