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Hey Friends,
I'm new to this board & I really wanted to buy an SSR. But that was not to be because every Chevy dealer in the Charlotte area wanted MSRP + added value adjustment.
I experienced this same phenom in 2000 when the PT Cruiser 1st arrived on the scene in 2000.
Our website, began listing dealers who were selling Cruisers @ retail; everyone else was, how can I say this nicely.... trying to make a quick buck? They were personas non grata...
My suggestion for this great site is to take a similar approach: List the dealers who are fair & don't try to jack up the price on a hot vehicle, like the SSR.
In 4 years, GM will produce enuf SSRs that the price point will drop, esp. if they want to stay competitive.
Or they can go the way of the revamped T-Bird.
Thanx for listening,

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PopsPT, I've read a few posts that had suggested the same thing, as you can see no one has sarted such a thread as of yet.


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:cheers Give my regards to the other great folks at PTE Pops. That was surely one of the very best PT sites of all time and will continue to be. Don't give up. A lot of new SSR owners are also former PT owners, myself included.

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Well, I haven't given up, cruzned... Just delayed the purchase of an SSR until these GM dealers figure out that w/such a hot TV commercial & product they would do better in the long run to cut some deals...
Since I recently found that buying an SSR was about as ridiculous as buying a PT was in 2000, I traded in "Baby Blue" for a 2004 Electric Blue GT Cruiser....Sweet vehicle & much improved, esp. that auto-stick.
Maybe in a coupla years, the SSR frenzy will die down... Think we should publish a calendar featuring SRR owner cars? Or maybe add SSR toys to PopsPTshop?
I'm seriously thinking about the latter. That way I can play w/dozens of the toy versions even if I can't quite purchase a real one yet...
Good to see u have moved on... or up...
Cruise on!
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