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I have posted below one way to get the windshield washer tank out and also pictures of what I found once it was out. I don't know the name of all the parts, or if there is a better way. I'm just saying, this worked for me.

The fluid was leaking out of the tank. It was because the built in rubber gasket had deteriorated. I don't know the number for a replacement pump yet but I will update this when I get it replaced and back together.

Other than the tank I had to remove or unattach five things.

1. I never removed this, I was able to take the bolts out of the bottom and move it over and tilt it a little to get the tank out. It didn't want to come out and I was a little unsure about whether it had other connections or not.(It sounded like an important part:wink2:) The Powertrain Control Module that is inboard of the reservoir. That is one component that, when removed, provides clearance for removal and access to the pump.

2. The power cables at the 125 amp fuse on the front side of the fuse box. There is a bolt directly below, You must go straight down with a long socket extension of about a foot. That way it clears the fender and you can hold to the extension while you backup the ratchet. Otherwise, the ratchet truns both ways, accomplishing nothing.

3. The radiator hose. I understand they make a tool for that clamp. I hope you have one. The clamp is almost under the front fender wall. You may find that a little tricky to keep pressure on. There is not much to bite too.

4. To the front of the tank mounted to the fender is something that looks like a switch or electrical component. You will have to have that space. Very easy to remove.

5. There is an electrical connector on top of the pump. Lift the clamp and disconnect it.

Here's what to do.

1 Disconnect the battery.
2 Remove the radiator hose. You will lose a little fluid-you may want to do this outside and away from pets.
3 Remove the electrical device on the fender in front of the tank.
4 Take the bolts out of the tank mounts-one on each side.
5 Wiggle the tank around so you can get the socket on the bolts to the PCM and remove those two bolts.
6 I didn't, but I would advise you remove the tube from the wipers where it connects to the pump. When the tank finally comes out, there could be enough sudden pressure on that to weaken or break it. I think I was lucky.
7 Now might be a good time to take a break.
8 Slide the PCM over to your left, away from the tank. Pull the tank up and towards the PCM. You may need to tilt the PCM a little and then, there it is--the sweet little thing is out.

I am assuming it will go back in the same way.

Below are some pictures of what I did. You can see the parts and bolts.
I wiped what I thought was crud of of the pump, it was decayed rubber. I put it back together and tested it. You can see the fluid spraying out.


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