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AC Problem

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Today it was in the 70's in NC. Before I put the top down I was running the air conditioning (AC) in stop and go traffic. I noticed that the AC compressor seems to cycle on and off. When on and during slow acceleration from a stop, the fan (I think) makes a noise. I confirmed that the AC system is the problem by pushing the AC button and the noise stopped.

Anyone out there with this problem and possibly a solution? The noise is getting worse and it is aggravting. I hate the idea of the dealer taking my dash apart even if they know what they are doing.
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If your ac is cycling ie the system was on the full ac mode and your pump was going on and off it could be 1 of many problems
1 not enough r134a refridgerant and the presures are too low in the system and the presure switch is turning the system offand on as the safety switch decides
2 the system is building up too much presure and the system safety switch is reading too hi and is shuting the system down
3 defective hi lo presure switch in ac system under hood
4 you had the system on defrost , the defrost cycle of your heater system cycles your ac system on and offf even when the system is on heat and the ac is off , you will hear the pump click on , and turn off in about 5 seconds . this is normal,. but check ac controls in your manual before youtake it to the dealer
this is just afew of many problems , coud be in the dash also
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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