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I have posted this previously and received a number of potential solutions. Unfortunately, the damn rattle persists.

My SSR is at the dealer right now, and they appear to be stumped. Maybe someone out there has a "bright idea" for us.

Here's a description:

1. The rattle is intermittent and occurs only during acceleration. It changes pitch when the tranny changes gears and the engine speed changes.

2. It sounds like it is coming from the passenger side dash area.

3. I can stop the rattle by turning off the HVAC fan. (The dealer removed the fan and can't find anything wrong with it.)

4. It seems that the rattle is temperature-sensitive. It is much more frequent and pronounced when the weather here in Texas cools off.

Any diagnostic help you can offer would be appreciated.


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I think I have the same rattle. but only at very cool temps. (SPRING AND FALL) After window heats up it stops. I thought it was lower window trim and glass vibrating.
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