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A while back another Fanatic and I exchanged thoughts about a similar acceleration rattle. He said his rattle stopped when he turned off the HVAC blower/fan.

I tried this and it cured my rattle, too.

After some extensive back and forth with my dealer, I convinced them to change out my HVAC blower/fan. It appears that this has fixed the problem. (I've thought this in the past after other attempts to correct the problem, but this one has lasted the longest and I am hopeful it is the final one.)

Now I am wrestling with GM to get my $200 GMPP deductible back. I reasoned that GM knew about and tried to fix this problem long before the original warranty expired. I gave them work order numbers for at least eight separate trips to the dealer for it. They said they would "research" my request for relief from the GMPP deductible.

Knucklehead :blue:
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