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When I look at msrp stickers and "COLOR ACCENT PACKAGE" is on it, and a charge, what exactly is this?? I haven't been able to get a clarifcation from any dealers that I have talked to. Does anybody know??

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Color accent package

HePaid4mySSR said:
Is the color accent package part of the 1SB package? Are the additional color strips included with the wood grain also? I meant to ask my dealer about this!?
Color accent package is an option and not part of the 1SB package. I am pretty sure you do not get the wood strips along with the color keyed bed strips.

I have the color pkg. with runnin boards. It has color gage pod with gages, color bed strips with wooden ones on the side. color insert on top of motor, and colored runnin boards. The color accent pkg has all the above except the runnin boards. gages and strips are in both pkgs. :thumbs :flag :seeya

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If you order the colored accent package, AND order running boards, you have the choice of either satin or colored running boards.

If you don't order the colored accent package, the boards are only available in satin finish.

I don't believe you can order colored running boards unless you have ordered the colored trim package.

However, you should have no problem ordering the boards separately from


there are 2 options
color accent pkg.
color accent pkg. with color runnin boards.
that is if you want the silver runnin boards and colored gages bed strips, and engine top cover you get just the color accent pkg. one is like $695 other is $1400 on the sticker go to the chevy site build 1 then go to search dealer inventory. each one should have a place to click to see the window sticker. you can see the price of the differant options and what they consist of. :thumbs :flag :seeya

PS: you also have to get the bed carpet trim option also with either pkg.
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