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For Release: July 1, 2003


Chevrolet Accessories and Chevy SSR offer consumers endless opportunities to personalize their vehicles to fit their lifestyles. With various accessory packages, Chevrolet Accessories enhance the flexibility and look of the SSR, which has attracted the attention of automotive enthusiasts since it first appeared on the show circuit.

Over the next four years, the SSR will offer consumers nearly 50 accessories to personalize the vehicle. A few examples include a cargo-area speaker system, head and taillamp treatments, power remote cargo cover and engine beautification packages.

"We've worked closely with the SSR vehicle development team to ensure the accessories complement the SSR design and functionality, and appeal to its market segment," said Nancy Philippart, GM Service and Parts Operations (SPO) executive director - GM Accessories Business Channel. "From the outset, the GM Design Center has been involved in all accessory designs and has ensured the accessories not only fit properly and look right, but also truly enhance the vehicle's image."

Creative customization accessories
The auxiliary gauge package consists of a cluster of three gauges - a voltmeter, instantaneous fuel consumption, and a transmission oil temperature gauge - with a satin chrome appearance. This package is seamlessly integrated and ergonomically positioned into the space between the console and lower instrument panel.

For customers who seek more storage, locking and form-fitted integrated side-saddle storage boxes are available. The ebony-finished storage boxes attach to the floor and side tracks of the vehicle and incorporate a highly durable exterior with a smooth-finished, easy-to-clean interior. The interior compartment for each box is approximately 12-inches deep, 40-inches long and 9-inches wide (305-mm deep, 1016-mm long and 229-mm wide). The storage box secures everything from tools and trailer hitch inserts to fishing equipment, car waxes and polishes.

The cargo netting package is another handy addition to help secure items that would otherwise slide around in the cargo area. The package includes a cross bar positioned between the upper rails, combined with cargo netting that attaches to the tailgate and four tie-down rings. The netting package is completely adjustable to the length of the cargo area.

Not just for appearance, integrated running boards provide additional protection against stone chips and scratches to the front surfaces of the SSR's wide-flared rear fenders. The running boards have a satin chrome appearance, incorporate a non-slip surface and attach directly to the vehicle frame.

The key to the accessory offering is a track system integrated into the cargo area of the SSR. The system consists of four tracks that enable easy and configurable application of current and future SSR accessory items.

"Creative, intuitive accessories that evoke emotion are what's going to keep the SSR fresh throughout its lifecycle. The accessory program is a key aspect behind the overall strategy of the vehicle," Philippart said.

Available at Chevrolet dealers
All Chevrolet Accessories can be purchased through GM dealerships.

Chevrolet Accessories permanently installed on a new GM vehicle at the time of delivery will be covered under the GM New Vehicle Limited Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty. GM Parts and Chevrolet Accessories permanently installed by a GM dealer after vehicle purchase will be covered for the balance of the new vehicle warranty, but in any event no less than 12 months or 12,000 miles.

Please visit or call toll-free 866-901-9001 to speak to one of GM's knowledgeable accessory agents.

SPO, headquartered in Grand Blanc, Mich., markets automotive replacement parts and accessories worldwide under the GM Parts and ACDelco brand names. For more information, visit the Goodwrench web site at

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You can forget the cargo net package since it does not work like most other nets are designed to hold packages like groceries. This one will NOT since the sides are open. I may just return my Cargo Netting. :flag
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