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Accidental Car Show Participant

1299 Views 9 Replies 7 Participants Last post by  Kevin Honolulu
Kind of Funny......My wife and I came across and advertisement for a Hot Rod Car Show on the top level of the Kahala Mall parking lot over Father's Day weekend. We decided to go to the car show but first take the boys to "Batman Begins." We took two vehicles and I went to park my SSR "near the car show." Instead, as I approached the chained off up ramp, the security guard, no doubt seeing my slingshot SSR complete with flames and fuzzy yellow dice hanging from the mirror opened the chain and let me go up the ramp!

I parked (very few show cars had arrived yet) and went to the movie. We came back from the movie about two hours later and there was my slingshot, now a part of the show!! It was amazing how well it fit in with the other Hot Rods at the show. Really looked like it belonged there and drew as much attention as any other of the cars or trucks. I overheard bystanders raving about that "custom yellow pickup truck." The owner "must have had it custom built!"

There were some pretty cool vehicles there (see attached photos). Since I had been living vicariously through Fuzzy and the Gang reading their HRPT chronicles, it was kind of fun being there. The only down side was that we had to wait to leave until the show was over!!! :lol ....Another day in the life of the SSR :lol


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It is great that we can include our SSR with the Hot Rods of Yesterday!!! Kevin, sounds like you had a great time and I think you will be hooked for car shows from now on!!!!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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