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I added the bed carpet kit to my 04. Pulling out the old plastic liner was easy to do after taking the bed cover off first. I had my son help me get it off and back on. That is not a job to do by ones self. Putting in the carpet was easy and no problem. The wire harness on my truck had to be changed as the old one only had the wires for the lid switch. I had some extra thermostat wire laying around, so I used it to tie on to the old wires and pull through to pull the new harness through with. The hardest part was getting the wires through the back by the lid release box. On my truck I removed the two bolts that are toward the front of the release box. These were easier to get to then the rear one. I removed the drivers side inner wheel well and this gave me room to work on getting the lid release loose enough to get the wires past it. I removed the two front bolts and only loosened the rear one. I had to use an allen wrench to get the rear one loosened up. I could not get a socket and ratchet on the rear one. I pulled the wires through and tightened the box back up. Plugged everything in and followed Dictators directions on changing out the light and fuse to use an LED bulb and the right size fuse in the fuse box. Again the knowledge of previous members makes these things a lot easier on us new guys who come along and update our trucks to fit our wants. Thanks to the guys who provide all the information on this site.
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