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After ownership for 16 months

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I learned two things today I did not know.

1. You cannot open the tonneau cover in any gear but PARK.
2. A cruise control indicator exists in the extreem upper left portion of the dash. You have to look outside the steering wheel to see it. (When its on, of course)

Love these surprises.


Peace :flag
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After about 3 weeks ownership I learned that if you swing out into the street, then for some reason floor it and keep if floored, the damn thing starts bucking like a bronco. Yee ha!

Fortunately it calmed down once I got her into third. :lol
An SSR's Wife said:
You would'nt be refering to a FORD bronco, would ya? :rolleyes:
Ford? Ford? I'm not familiar with that brand.

Isn't that a Korean automobile manufacturer? Driven mostly in California and popular with wine drinkers?

Purple Penelope said:
Did you try to open the tonneau when it was bucking??? See how useful my find was.

Ahh '41, "Its in the extreem"....ah never mind.


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Ah!. I couldn't find "PARK" in my SSR. So "PARK" is when you have the gas pedel to the floor, heh?

beer100 said:
I've been reading, unless I misread, one aspect of the Torsen differential is that it will somewhat lockup under heavy torque. If that is in the middle of a turn...
Oops. I suppose that's not a good thing?
An SSR's Wife said:
But I guess alot of us Marylanders drive em too!!!!
Hey, Doug, this weekend I saw an awful lot of New Jersey tags here.. tell me are all the New Jersey people trying to get away from you ??????
I would sure understand why!
Does anyone know if my Chevy Hot Button can be replaced after Doug wears it out? :glol
Hey! My SSR rules the New Jersey roads! All those driving lesser vehicles, like those Korean made Fords, are fleeing for their lives!

They probably feel safer in a state named after a girl!

1 - 5 of 45 Posts
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