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After ownership for 16 months

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I learned two things today I did not know.

1. You cannot open the tonneau cover in any gear but PARK.
2. A cruise control indicator exists in the extreem upper left portion of the dash. You have to look outside the steering wheel to see it. (When its on, of course)

Love these surprises.


Peace :flag
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41chevcoe said:
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh........... I'll find it. Looked for it yesterday in the bright sunshine, top down, doing 160(kph) and didn't notice it.
The cruise control indicator is in the extreme upper left corner. You have to lean to the left and lean forward to see it. As for the tonneau cover release only working with the truck in park sounds like a good safety feature. Everyone does know that if the tonneau cover isn't closed the top will not operate. I recently noticed a quirk with my driver window. For the second time in a row after washing my SSR and leaving the driver door open while drying it the window is all the way up when I close the door. Both times I have had to get in the truck and run the window up and down to correct the problem.
Cruise Light Exists

Flassh Show this to your dealer, that is the cruise light in the extreme upper left corner.


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Marc NY said:
When I first saw that green symbol I thought it was the day time running light indicator. :lol
I went a few days before I finally seen the cruise indicator, and your right, it does not look like a cruise indicator.
1HOT12C said:
With SSR running, top up or down and trans in "D" positon, and traction control off...i can boil the tires off and watch the fuel gauge go down to E pretty quick :lol

Sure you can.....
1 - 4 of 45 Posts
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