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What are the spec and size requirements to put aftermarket wheels on the SSR?

I have heard that Chevy Trailblazer spec wheels will fit, but I just don't know if that is true or not.

What offset would one request?

What inch size would one recommend?


You'll need to get a FWD offset for the fronts and a RWD offset for the rears, which limits your options. Most wheel styles are made in one or the other but not both. And 19" is just an oddball size, not sure why Chevy chose THAT. Other people on the board have installed 20's and 22's, do a search and you'll be able to find pictures...

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Trailblazer wheels may fit the front, but will not work on the rear without a spacer. Very few wheels are available in the correct combinations of offsets, and virtually none of those in 19". Running the same diameter and offset in the rears will lose the hot rod effect of small front/large rear, with a wider rear lip.

There have been several threads on wheels, and it seems most are going with 20s in front and 22s in the rear, which then means 30 or 35 profile tires to maintain anywhere near the ride height. 30s and 35s are all Z rated - very high on the wear scale, and definitely not pothole friendly. I have a friend locally who machines and rebuilds wheels - not very sympathetic to those running rubber bands for tires, and bending wheels.

There is another recent thread about Coddington Smoothies - not sure of diameter on the ones being purchased, but Coddington does not have a 19" wheel.

I'm working on getting some wheels custom built by Colorado - cost will be in the $800 range per wheel, but they will be 19 x 8 fronts, and 20 x 10 rears, with the correct offsets, and I'll be able to use the same Goodyear RSAs that are on the SSR from the factory.

I'd encourage you to do some searching of old threads - lots of information in those. Look for postings by Detroit pistons fan - he posted details on bolt pattern and offsets.

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