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Air Ride Suspension

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I've been considering one of these pocket rockets for fun but pretty disappointed in how they ride. Has any one tried retro-fitting Air/Ride technologies products on one of these? I've wondered if the air bags on the rear of my GMC Envoy might even work, since they're the same chassis.
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Check AirRide Technologies at

They have an awesome system, but it's pricey and fairly complex to install.

They have a replacement front spring/shock combo, the Shockwave 3.0, and a rear bag system to replace the rear springs. You could theoretically just air them up at a fuel station with some fittings at the rear, but the complete system has a compressor, pump, controller, air valves, and a display with a variety of settings, including an automatic rise to a specific pressure. There is also a control system available from Dakota Digital which includes height sensors. it automatically brings the ride height to a preset level with varying loads.

If Rick418cars is watching, he can probably fill you in on how his was done. You could also look for some old posts of his regarding the suspension on his SSR - looked great at the SEMA show in Vegas.

I have it on the rear of mine. It rides nicer than the springs . If you "c" notch your frame you can lower it all you want. If you would like to see pictures I don't mind showing you.
air ride suspension

I just got off the phone with a salesman at Air Ride Technologies. $849 for the pair of Shockwaves for the front, $399 for the rear bags, and $1099 for the 4-way compressor. So, $2347 for the complete kit. And, it bolts on, no welding needed. I believe the parts are the same ones used for the Envoy and Trailblazer.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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