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The standard build packages are nice but if I was building one with the freedom to choose alacart here is what I would want.

- All the "in cab" upgrades.
- Uncarpeted cargo box, but I want the liner on the cargo cover. (I want to be able to toss stuff in the back without worrying about what happens to it. Vinal liners are so much easier to clean up.)
- Hitch
- Cargo bar and netting.
- 30 gallon tank, 25 just gets me thru a normal week, any side trips and I have to gas up twice in a week. (I know it's not an option, but for an 05 that, and more, may be needed.)
- 6.0 with auto (I don't like driving stick in stop and go commute traffic. Been there done that, for too too long.)
- White paint

An upgrade I'd like to see...

- I need a way to hold the cover down when carrying a box that is just a little too tall. This has happened a several times already. A couple places where bungies could hook in would be nice.
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