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I guess I am spoiled with the passive alarm I installed in my truck. I get out and close the door and it arms itself and locks the doors. I don't have to remember to hit the "Lock" button.

I have come out a couple of times to the SSR and did the forehead slap because I forgot to lock it. I have done the same thing with my new GTO.

I hate when that happens!!

I am considering adding a Crime Guard alarm that is made to work with factory remote keyless entry systems. It can be set to passive mode so it locks the doors and arms automagically. It has an extra input port so I could add a shock sensor or a motion sensor for extra protection.

I am leaning toward the motion sensor because it protects the interior when the top is down. We don't usually leave the top down when we go in a store or something like that, but it's a pain to put it up and down just for a quick stop at 7-11 or something like that.

I have installed Crime Guard alarms on 4 vehicles in the past and only had one problem. The brain of one unit went bad and had to be sent back for replacement. That problem was taken care of very quickly by Omega. Turn around was 2 days. I called them to report the problem and they gave me an RMA. I sent the bad one back and they sent a new brain to me. No hassle, no haggle. Lifetime warranty = good.

Any comments on this are appreciated.

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