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Life is all about expectations....

I went searching for a brighter bulb for the front turn signals. There were several candidates that I narrowed down to the two best choices. $60 later I conducted a nite time test with emergency flashers in a semi-darkened area. I used my eyes and the digital camera to compare the new candidates (driver's side) with the OEM bulb (passenger side). Here is a summary of the results:

The first was a "2X Brighter" bulb from Nokya that had a bunch of claims about how much it would make things better. I tried to see a difference, but could not and the camera could not either.

The second bulb had a lot more promise, as it had a built-in focusing lens. I was impressed with the additional support structure in the middle of the element and the quality of the lens. This bulb appeared to have a slight hint of increased brightness to it when viewed from the front. I really cannot justify the expense or trouble getting them for such a miniscule change. Perhaps I was trying to see a difference.... The camera couldn't detect it.

Bottom line here is that the OEM style replacement 7443 found in the auto parts store for a couple bucks is just as good as any fancy stuff you would want to believe in and buy off the internet.

Attached are some photos for your reference.



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