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· Machell
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beer100 said:
Never thought about testing one. You could do that your self.
There is a metal clip at each end. Remove those and the strut can be pulled off.
Be sure the cover is propped up, one strut won't hold it up.

As to testing, just take any bathroom scale, non digital would be better, take the strut and with the shaft end down, push till the piston collapses, read the results.
I wouldn't consider a strut to be a piece of precision hardware. So don't be suprised if the measurement is off, unless it's way way off, like half.

No matter what it reads, if you lift the cover and it stays up GM won't likely replace the strut.

BTW the clips are easy enough to remove, but putting them back on is a pain. They pull off in the radial direction, but go back on by slipping them over the end.
Good to info to know. I haven't looked yet! :thumbs
1 - 3 of 28 Posts
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