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I didn't find the problem, I was aware of a problem with R running about 45 minutes and complete shut down. Restart after cool down and then run another 45 minutes. Dealer/GM would not address the problem. Early days they just changed fuse box.

Book was in New Jersey or somewhere up North, R quit, Dealer said we don't have a fuse box and can't find one. Book called the Florida East Coast Mafia and Pete aka SSR Father and another R owner went to New Jersey with a fuse box out of Pete's SSR. Installed at Dealer and came back to Florida.

THANK!! Art Bonadies aka abonadies and Marty aka Phantom Guy Florida Chapter decided that they would see if they could find the problem.

They set up clear Plexiglas box with oscilloscope to isolate the problem. Four quadrants in SSR Fuse box were isolated from each other, voltage at 12volts, raised temperature inside Plexiglas box to engine running temperature and quadrant 3 dropped from 12 volts to 3 volts. Happens to be ignition, fuel pump, injectors, etc..

Now they knew where to look!

Under magnifying glass they found the broken wire that was caused during manufacture of the fuse box.

What happens is fuse box (plastic) expands when engine reaches operating temperature, pulling the wire "break" apart, shuts down SSR. Fuse box cools, wire touches and SSR runs.

Most 05 not as many 06 and NO 03-04.

We tried to isolate 05 fuse box broken wire by Vin#. month of manufacture, etc.. No luck, it is "pot luck" as they say.

So you should THANK Art and Marty for finding the fuse box problem that GM would not address and fix.


1. Quadrant 3 is yellowish connector front left.
2. Break under magnifying glass.
3. Break
4. Fuse box separated.
5. Corrosion from moisture in engine compartment.


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