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I was coming out of McDs in Montgomery on the Lake today and a guy stopped me and said he has a Red 2003 that he bought new. Said he was on a waiting list to get one. It has 14000 mi and he is having issues with the top not opening. He said it operates until the header tries to unlatch and stops with a time out error.
I showed him how to use the top tool to manually release and latch the header latches and explained the operation. Also showed hime how to remove the trim to get to the actuator and microswitches that control the latch. He was not aware of the Forum so I gave him the address told him to register and told him to go to the technical section how too sticky to find the roof header actuator fix.
He got a call on his cell phone and ran off before I got any contact info from him. Hopefully he gets on the site and finds all the great info on here.
I told him a bunch of us were meeting at Sams in Fairfield Saturday ad invited him to join us.

No need to reply about the top fix, we can wait for him to sign up and post. I have no contact info for him.

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