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Just purchased 2005 Silver last week. Just in time to attend Rally in the Valley @ Maggie Valley. Had a great time. Met some great people. Nice bunch of folks. Most of phase 1 updates completed this tires, new battery and quieter exhaust. That drone about 1800 rpm gave me a headache 馃. Room already reserved in Branson.馃槉

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What a great way to be welcomed into the Fanatic Family by going to Maggie Valley! There was so many newbies there it was hard to meet everyone. I'm not sure if we had a chance to say hello or not but again welcome to the family!

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Welcome to the clan, TNJOE. :seeya
Is that Tennessee Joe? I can't tell because you haven't filled in your profile yet by clicking on the "UserCP" tab at the top and then the "Edit Your Details" tab over on the left.

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Welcome From Western Pa !!!!!!!!!

Have SSR...will travel!!
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Glad you did not get overwhelmed with all the info.

It was nice and funny eating dinner with y'all on Friday night!

See you in Branson!


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Welcome from Canada! :cheers

Congrats on your new SSR :silver: :thumbs

enjoy the permagrin!

Krazy Ed

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Welcome aboard from the 鈥楽ooner鈥 state of Oklahoma. Good time to join us Fanatics. Lot鈥檚 of fun going on, including our international rally in Branson, MO this October. Great opportunity to meet some really nice people and see some new scenery. Hope you can make it.

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It seems we have gotten so many "Newbies" in the past couple weeks
Very cool! Welcome!
I was just mentioning that to my wife 5 minutes ago Cash !!! I'm sort of a "Newbie" myself ... got a "New" 04 Slingshot Yellow that I picked up in Paducah, Kentucky, Saturday afternoon. "So I'm Back in the Saddle Again ... Out Where a Friend is Friend" !!! Named her "Miss Banana Split" tennesseecozydog :yellow:

I'm an American Guy with his hands on the Wheel,
Drivin' a Dream that is made of Plastic and Steel.
No, the Seatsi don't smell like a Nickel Cigar,
Cause I'm really something in my CHEVY SSR. !!!

:smile2: :smile2: :smile2:

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:00000732: Got a Town or a County you call home ??? Joe, there are SSRfanantic's all over the United States and the World, so you might wanna' change your "handle" to TENNESSEEJOE ... Not everybody know's where TN is. Had an 05 Redline Red one for 10 years, now gotta' an 04 yeller one !!! Again :00000732: tennesseecozydog :yellow:
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