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Another piece completed

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Just added the new billet rear license frame that I made in the shop. Wanted something different that would go with the paint scheme. Went with the tear drop design for the back up lights.

Also my new wheels came in last Thursday from Newstalgia wheels. Talk about being disappointed when I opened the boxes. Wow, I couldn't belive my eyes that these top of the line rims were of such poor quality. The rims were very dull, had 400 grit sand scratches the were poorly polished over, pitts in the material, nicks from a slip of the polisher, and weld splatters on the inside and outside of the wheel surface. In my opinion rejects (close to junk). I don't blame Newstalgia (as I have made them aware of the problem about the company that produced the wheels. They have reponded in a prompt manner and are customer satisfaction oriented), but I do blame the company that produced these wheels. I have written them two letters of complaint, to two different people, so far with no reply. I'm not going to mention the companies name any more until this matter is settled. I've given them plenty of time to respond, so I did the next best thing, which was, to take them out of the boxes and resand each and every part with 1000, 1200, 1500, and 2000, grit wet paper, then compound polish the aluminum to a shine, Jewelers rusche them to a deep shiny finish (the way they should have been for the money), and finally hand polished with some Flitz metal polish. After 16 hours of labor and $50.00 in materials, they are now acceptable enough to put on the SSR. At this piont that company is not getting credit for the wheels, but instead I will apply a custom made SSR applique in the center caps in place of their brand name.
A company that is supposed to be the top of the line product in the market place that releases this poor of a quality product, and no reguard for customer service and satisfaction, doesn't deserve recognition on my display board at the car shows.
Perhaps it's my perfectionist attitude towards my workmanship that makes me insist on the perfection from others as well. Especially if I have to fork out good hard earned money for that product.


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Excellent job Fuzzy. Can't wait to see it in person. :thumbs :thumbs
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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