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$50.00 gets a 1 in 2000 chance at an SSR...

The tickets for the raffle are currently on sale from members of either group, or at the Cheboygan County Marina, where Chambers is the harbormaster.

The drawing is Oct. 8 at halftime of the homecoming football game.

DADS Club and Rotary raffling off new truck

Two organizations combine efforts in unique fund-raiser


Tribune Staff Writer

CHEBOYGAN - When the Cheboygan Rotary Club and the DADS Club decided to get together on a project, you just knew it would be for a special purpose.

The two service clubs are combining to raffle off a new vehicle, which is a different approach to such a fund-raiser.

One of the results will be a large influx of cash into the Rotary coffers, financing more of that organization's good works which are annually spread throughout the community. The other will be a similar sum raised for the DADS Club's sponsorship of sports activities at Cheboygan Area Schools.

And then there's the grand prize, a sleek Chevy SSR pick-up truck that will be driven home by a lucky winner.

"I think there are only two in Northern Michigan," said DADS Club President Curtis Chambers. "It has a Corvette engine. It's a very unusual truck, you can see it sitting out in front of Wheeler Motors; there's nothing quite like it."

Chambers explained that the idea generated when members of each club realized they were looking at primarily the same fund-raiser, which could end up causing the two groups to compete against each other to raise money for good causes.

"Nobody wanted that to happen," Chambers said. "Rotary's president is Don Bohls, and we began to see that if we worked together on this project it could really come out better for everybody. It's our first time doing something like this together and it will give the raffle a little more exposure. They have members that we don't have and there are people in the DADS Club that are not in Rotary."

Of course, members of each organization will be trying to sell the raffle tickets, but they will share in promoting a common prize.

"This way we're not competing to hurt the other group's cause," he said. "We're only selling 2,000 tickets total and those are pretty good odds. Each organization could make $30,000 if all the tickets are sold. The vehicle costs around $40,000."

Chambers said the tickets are being sold for $50 each, with no limit on how many a person can buy.

"We still have a friendly competition going, though, just to see who can sell the most," Chambers added. "We'll help each other out selling them if we need to. Rotary is a great group. If I wasn't spending so much time on the DADS Club I'd join Rotary."
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