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I E-Mailed the Dealer, "Van Chevrolet" in Scottsdale today R/T delivery date, and he is still saying end of Oct or first of Nov. I've found this is the best way to communicate so he can answer me at his convenience. I think the window is going to be real small for resale and also considering Christmas comming. The power to weight ratio doesn't make it a true "Hot Rod" just a Cruiser. Look what happened to the Thunderbird. At first they were asking several thousand over and now the car is being discounted 4-6 thousand below sticker. Of coarse Ford hasn't been real fortunate lately, the Blackwood, and the smaller Navigator are being discontinued as well as the Thunderbird.

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plus, resale on a convertable at chrismas might be tough too! you have to remember, this is a chevy, not a ford, so who cares about the t-bird!! i think the SSR will hold resale pretty good!

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From Auto Week Online

(08:37 Oct. 13, 2003)
Production problems slow Chevy's SSR pickup roadster introduction
By DAVE GUILFORD | Automotive News

DETROIT - Production problems have delayed the introduction of Chevrolet's SSR pickup roadster, but General Motors says it will begin shipping vehicles to dealers soon.

The SSR - a halo vehicle with a $41,995 base price, including destination - had been scheduled for mid-summer sales, according to statements from GM executives this year.

An industry source says GM has struggled with two novel aspects of the SSR: the retractable hardtop and flared fenders.

"There's been a six- to eight-week delay," the source says.

GM spokesman Dan Flores says 344 preproduction models have been built for internal testing. He says the automaker expects to give approval for dealer shipments soon.

Sources say GM senior executives have been extremely careful to avoid shipping vehicles with defects.

Flores would not confirm production problems. "It has gone through our normal progression," he says. "The launch is in line with our commitment to build the highest quality possible."

The retractable top is supplied by a joint venture of ASC Inc. in Southgate, Mich., and Wilhelm Karmann GmbH in Osnabruck, Germany.

ASC spokesman Tim Yost says the supplier would defer comment to GM.

Both the retractable hardtop and flared fenders are key selling points. The SSR represents the first use of a retractable hardtop on a pickup, and the flared fenders give the SSR a look reminiscent of Chevrolet trucks of the early 1950s.

But both represent challenges for Chevrolet. The hardtop uses an unusual top stack system in which panels move independently and stack vertically behind the passengers.

That avoids having the top intrude on pickup bed space in the way that a retractable top takes up trunk space in cars, GM has said.

The flared fenders required a special stamping process and higher-quality steel to stand up to the extra hits required to form them. Initial attempts did not result in adequate fit and finish, the industry source says.

The SSR is being built in GM's Lansing Craft Centre plant in Lansing, Mich. Brian Fredline, president of UAW Local 1618, says the plant is building vehicles for retail sale. He says the delays were an attempt to ensure that consumers get top-quality vehicles.

GM expects to sell about 13,000 SSRs annually. As of Sept. 30, GM had sold one. Chevrolet dealer Bob McDorman of Winchester Canal, Ohio, bought the first SSR offered to the public in a charity auction on eBay for $137,850.

McDorman, an avid car collector, says he's thrilled to have the SSR in his showroom. It came from an early 25-vehicle "premium edition" build for collectors.

But McDorman would like to get some normal SSRs in to sell: "We heard we'd get them in August, then we went to September and October. Now were going to November, and we still haven't gotten one yet."


POOR BOB, I was in his show room last month and he has #2, #3 and #4 on the show room floor locked up so you can't get a look inside. plus poor bob has least two of every other auto.

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Google News Alert

GENERAL Motors lifted by financial arm
Financial Times (subscription), UK

...Mr Wagoner said: "We expect that our sales momentum will continue to build, based on new vehicles that are just arriving in dealers' showrooms now such as the Chevrolet Malibu and SSR , Cadillac XLR and SRX, and the Buick Rainier. In addition, we will launch 17 more new car and truck models over the next year."


This as-it-happens News Alert is brought to you by Google News (BETA)...

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Good information ...

Just thought I'd bring this post forward.

In October of 2003 there were several of us "Chompin' at the bit" to get our SSR's delivered...
Great post Keith... it helps may of our members with more insight to why it took longer for the SSRs to get to the dealerships back in the fall of 2003. :thumbs
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