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I did a search and could only find the XM Commander pictures and one Mifi picture install. Does anyone have a picture or an idea where I would be able to install my Skifi 2? If I install the XM Commander then i have to add another radio to my XM aco**** :( $$ ( I'm only a civil servant ) I tried placing it in the bed but reception was bad and the remote wouldn't work, too bad though that would've been cool. i tried the small piece of dash bteween the steering wheel and the drivers door, which actually wasn't bad. I just don't know if I wanted there, it obscured the bottom of the tach ever so slightly.?? I really don't need to see it as long as the remote works. I gues I'll try the console or glovebox next. Any ideas or pictures would be a great help. If all fails, I'll have to go with the Commander unit. :thumbs
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