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Anyone have a leak?

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First road trip and we ran into rain on the way back I was letting my hubby drive, so I was sitting in the passenger seat.

Where the top meets the windshield just above the window I had water dripping in. Has anyone else had this problem. I have tried to steer clear from the rain but this was unavoidable so it could have been longer before I realized this. It has not done this when I wash it, maybe not enough pressure.

Speaking of road trip. Dallas to San Antonio and back and it was a blast. But boy do I wish I had Zaino on already, the bugs are a bitch to get off. I saw a Red SSR going NB as we went SB and also saw a Blue one in my rearview mirror going through a intersection in Addison, Texas. That was almost as cool as driving.
We were at the IHRA Races in S. A. and parked inside pit row at a vendors booth and we had at least 100 people freaking out to see a SSR in real life. It was soooooo cool! :cool
FYI Saw a silver SSR at dealership in Austin on the way down.

Happy Cruisin'
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I was on my way to a Sharks hockey game the other night with a buddy in the passenger seat. It was drizzling. He said he was getting leaked on. It appeared to be coming from the back part of the passenger window at the upper most part. The weather here in California is getting nice, but I don't want any leaks, so I will be getting it back to the dealer soon to have them look at it.
Getting leaked on?

This might not be a cure all, but since I heard this information I intend to make sure that I have a generous supply of Zaino tire and rubber protection on my rubber gaskets all around. Zaino really does repel the water and is great on the rubber so it certainly can't hurt any. If you don't use Zaino then be sure to put on your greasy stuff :D

Just went through replacing the weather seal on the the passenger side. When the window does it seal move, it was jumping outside the seal groove. They ordered a new one at the dealer and put it in a week later. When I picked it up it was still misaligning. The service guy took it back in and I waited while they figured that aligning the window with the door panel off doesn't account for the panel moving it when it is reattached. They messed with it until it worked.
Different Drip?

In a hard rain last week I noticed a few drips on both sides where the two pieces of the top join. Some have mentioned the front of the top and others the back. Mine seems to be fine both of those places. I have treated the seals with a seal and gasket conditioner (not Zaino, though) and hope this helps. I am also hoping the slight leak I get in the bed can be resolved with this stuff. It seems like even a little dirt on these seals would prevent total water-tightness. I think we may be destined to give all the rubber on SSRs some added attention in order to reduce these pesky leaks.

As for's worth it!

I guess I am fortunate on this one. I have had several problems but fortunately not one leakage problem! I have driven my SSR in the driving rain and wind a lot (it's my daily driver) and have had no leaks at all! Yes!!!:D
Good info

I will be putting the Zaino to work and maybe I will catch another hard rain (no Hail) and see if that fixes it.
Happy Cruisin'
I've driven mine in rain several times and never had any leaks.


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Front Seal Leak

I have had no problems with leaks in the roof panel seals, or any problems period. Knock on wood.

Note: One of the reasons for the delay of production from July of last year till September was the need to redesign the front roof to window frame Seal. The roof seals were leaking during water tests.
And those cars mentioned above, WERE CRUSHED AS COMPLETE CARS as confirmed by 2 employees at the plant I know!!! I toured plant last July and saw the line in production later to hear that all the ones I saw were crushed due to the bad seal as mentioned above. Seats were slashed and tires punctured, as security overlooked the crushing to prevent a "bad" SSR from reaching the public. Now do you know why we pay SO much for new cars!! Latest update from in plant contact is that they may repair some of these later problem SSR's for employees to buy.
So, can your friends at the LCC tell you how many were crushed - and how many MAY become available later? That info may help shed some light on just how many '03 SSR's were delivered...

5.5k miles - no leakage...
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