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Anyone putting an exhaust/muffler on their SSR?

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Cause if you are, I want to buy your factory exhaust/muffler(s)!

I am unsure of the exact setup underneath the SSR, whether it's true duals or not. Either way, I love the sound and want it for my 04 Silverado. I know that it won't just bolt up to my truck, so I'd prefer just the muffler(s) if you're willing to sell them. Either way, let me know what you're looking to get for them and we'll go from there. Thanks!
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Not true duals - only one muffler
Dual outlet muffler is fine by me. :cool
I was checking today for a customer who wants to make his pickup sound like a Vette, so I suggested the SSR exhaust system. The SSR uses a single inlet / single outlet muffler. The pipe Ys at the rear axle to make the duals. It is only serviced as an assembly, complete with chrome tips. The price is a temporary one--approx $11 to $1200.00--and there is no stock avalilable. I called today and got that price. :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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