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TV reality?

TicketBait said:
I saw the show, they should have the top down or even show it going from up to down
Yes they should have shown it go up and down.... probably no one there knew how to do that. :lol Believe it or not even though I love to drive around with the top down.... I still prefer to view the SSR with her top up. :)
Action said:
Didn't the winner of Survivor last night get a yellow SSR? I was told that.
Why was it again.... that yellow is always a favorite color to show off on the race tracks and on TV? :jester

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Yeah that was my SSR im just waiting on someone to buy it for me.. HAHA :lol

I seen it and like Mr. Marc i PREFER to see the SSR with the top up.. cant beat that look, i was over at my mom's house and finally got to show her what one looks like on the Wheel tonight and she was like "how does that top go down" :lol

I said i hope to have one some day to show how that yellow top folds up and a VERT is born... LOL..

Good looker for sure.. :seeya
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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