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April 2018 ROTM Vote


    Votes: 40 65.6%
  • Firetruck

    Votes: 12 19.7%
  • sillypuddy

    Votes: 9 14.8%
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Here are your contestants for this month's ROTM!


Hello to all SSR Fanatics: Our beautiful 2005 SSR has several mods: Exterior: special one off designed wheels by me, 20" F and 22"R, painted gloss blk & slingshot yellow,painted out all metal
on body, including running boards, to give our truck a clean,monochromatic look. billet grill, front spoiler,rear spoiler,lowered 2.5 inches all around,magnaflow exhaust, with 4" tips,LED rear tail lites, 3rdbrake light pulsating flasher,Interior chromed metal accents,hoops painted yellow,painted gauge housing yellow with Dakota digital water,temperature, volt gauge, outside temperature, gauges .Aluminum SSR factory door sills, waterfall badging, new chrome steering wheel,Engine compartment, billet polished accessories, custom designed engine cover design by me. Mikes, radiator support, Doc's SSR interior hood emblem, chassis support bars(2). Trunk: Full carpet kit, saddle bags,trailer hitch. PS: My thought was if Chevrrolet had offered a top of the line version in our SSR's, it might look like HALSSSR!

Just a personal thought in judging criteria: I believe a minimum of three area's should be shown:Exterior,Interior, engine compartment, many have won the ROTM award based on exterior and engine compartment only, all three area's should be part of the competition and shown with pictures, IMO. Thanks Fanatics.


Ok I'm in.....Firetruck is back! (Mostly)
Lowered 2" in rear, 1" in front
Custom flame paint
American Racing rims
Joshvette LED light kit
LED under car light kit
Flashing rear brake light
Rear spoiler
New paint on engine cover
New welt cord on interior door panels

Thanks for looking

I will give it another try. Old Yella is ours for one year now. Upgrades :
1. New SE fan
2. SE air dam
3. SE hood struts
4. SE deck struts
5. SE roof struts
6. Red caliper covers
7. SE polished Rear end cover and syn.oil
8. New coolant res.
9. SE rear crossmember upgrade
10. New ign. sw.
11. Syn. oil trans. flush and fill
and several other things to doll her up

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I must admit, I have not got an ass wippin like this since dad was still drinkin back in the 60's. Thanks for the votes I did get and congrats to the other 2 trucks. I don't think my screwed up pictures helped. I asked for help but not even an answer to my pm. Oh well maybe in 20 years. Sillypuddy and Old Yella :crying::yellow:
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