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Great article, thanks for posting it.

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The only thing I didn't agree with is the comment about" it being smaller than I expected" I think the opposite is true. I Still can't get over the size of it when pulled along side ome other vehicles. She gave it high marks and it was a positive article unlike someothers have written. :)

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Nice article

Great article, glad you shared it with us... hmmm there is another thought I like to share, and that is if the SSR was around $30,000 might you see more of them on the road right now? Perhaps, but as we know sometimes higher prices creates even more desire!! :D

i.e. I like the PT Cruiser but way too many of them makes them much too common. I have seen the PT Cruiser Convertable and its at $30,000. Hmmm give me a SSR V8 with power anytime. I gladly pay higher $$$ for the much lower production numbers etc etc. (Of course really there is no comparison here between the two... just havin some fun)

What happens to the resale value of the SSRs remains to be seen... but then you only live once, right?

:party :cheers
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