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Some of us will think this is more amazing than others. Look back to when we had our first Cruise. The General / Kingsburg run. Look at the number of posts and replies we had there. Than the next one, Temecula. Now this gathering at the Irwindale Raceway. Look at how each event has increased. It is incredible. VERY NEAT. One question for kwhopper89: At this rate of growth, How in the world are you going to make the 2nd annual Kingburg Cruise happen. The first car will be out of the park on the one end before the last one enters the park. :)
Ain't It Great!!!!! :cool

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I guess that Video crew will need helicopter support! :lol

I dunno - that 25 miles or so thru the park is pretty twisty - stretch it out and we should be able to handle a couple hundred Roadsters though...

With the Solstice and Sky's coming, my plan of An American Roadster Run could get BIG!

I've already planned to see if the Park Service could waive fees - that will help speed us up thru the entrance gate! We need to hope that there isn't as much snow left on the ground = we need all the parking lot space we can get... :flag
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