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Here it is fanatics! My wife and I battled the bitter cold weather to the Internation Auto Show at Cobo Hall. (10degrees) with negative wind chills. It was really a good show this year. We almost missed the Diamondback because it was in the basement in the corner. It was a good thing I had to use the john because they where right next to it. We were about ready to give up looking.
Diamondback features.
525hp supercharged with carbon top, hood and trunk. Hood scoop was cool looking. The enterior was very cool and redone in two tone leather Red on Black.
The pipes came out the side in the running boards. I liked that! They would not let you get close to it, about 30 feet away. I talked one guy in the booth next door to sneak me in the back way and I got to stand right next to it to get some better pictures.

I did not like the fact that the top was fixed. No convertable option.

I really liked the new stangs even though I am not a ford guy. The Sallen Mustang pushes 700 ponies and they where quite roomy. Nice move to go back to the old seventies look on the front.

My wife liked the new Bentley two door. Of course --- it costs $170,000. It had 560hp and would cruz at a cool 193 top end.

One thing we said on the way back to our Redline 05 after the show. Sometimes it is a good thing it is cold because the muggers are to lazy to go out in this stuff. The area around Cobo is not a good place to hang out.




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Bronco SSR: Thanks for posting these photos.

I am inspired.

Wouldn't the carbon fiber hood and carbon fiber tonneau fit ANY SSR? Any wouldn't they look particularly good on my BLACK SSR?

Think about how much weight they would save! The hood and tonneau are HEAVY.

And, the tonneau gas cylinders would actually pop it up, even when it's cold!

I imagine these 2 parts are not cheap though. :)

Jim G

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That rocker cladding design with the integral running board look is just plain awesome IMO!! With or without the pipes, that is rock chip protection at it's very sexiest.

I would be "allover" an accessory set of those beautys! :thumbs


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Great looking truck. Love the wheels - Hard to get that open 5 spoke look. Too bad we can't use them on a stock truck.

Several of the SSRs at the SEMA show went the same route - swap out front hubs and rear axle and replace them with 5 bolt hubs. Expensive way to get what you want.

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