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Atlanta Gathering PICTURES!

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OK Folks,

It was a great success with 14 PLUS showing up this afternoon.
I say PLUS because we had one Redline Red show up at 3:00
because they thought that was the start time!
(3:00 was the STOP time!)

Here are a few pictures to wet your whistle. (More pics as I receive them!)

AND OF COURSE.................

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Tahoejoe: We were TALKING about that very idea today. Maybe meet in Savanah.

Jim G

p.s. That dent on Digital's rear fender? My hood ornament (the little elephant in the 5th photo), "accidentally" dropped his foot on Digital's fender after someone made disparaging remarks about the length of his trunk. He is deeply sensitive, and Digital's banrd new 05 (still has temporary tags on it) was just in the wrong place at the wrong time . . .

Buffy: I have 6 photos, but cannot upload them because it says I am at my quota for photos in total on the website! (It was those MTI at the dragstrip photos!)

If you email me at

[email protected]

I can email them to you.

Jim G

You know how it is: One person does something cool :) and the first thing you know, everyone is imitating him :lol


We passed a Xerox copier on the way to the gathering :)


Elephants are like rabbits :lol

Jim G
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1 - 4 of 23 Posts
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