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Audio Techno Advise

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Ultimate Electronics installed my amp subwolfer and door speakers hooked to 6-disc Bose unit. Since they are going out of business I thought I had better get a few bugs worked out. They are no warning chimes for low gas, key left in, signal left on and etc. They hook upp the amp so it only is on with the key in the on position. Now they say the chimes are hooked upp to the Bose system and will not work with a different amp. They changed the power hook upp to the amp so the radio will come on in the acc. position but the amp goes off after 3 or 4 minutes. and will not come back on for several hours. They say that it is part of the battery conservation program and it is cutting the power to 6 volts. And to make it work it has to be hooked upp to ignition on only. What do you'all think? I think the installer has the "I don't care, we are going out of business mindset" and just wants me to go away. Edd
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Round 2

Well I just left Ulitimate Electronics again. The installer was a real jerk, he just did not want to work on my truck. He did not want to hook upp to the brown wire as you suggested. He said it was a digital signal and would not work. The installer had me talk to a manufacture person who makes harness' for radios and amps, and he said he could not believe I wanted to use the factory radio with a big amp. He said there is no way to make the amp come on and stay on bypassing the factory amp. He said if I tried to hook to the brown wire I might do damage to the wiring harness. What do you think. I wish Ulitmate was not going out of business so I could relate to the higher ups what a jerk this kid is. Edd
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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