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The Chevrolet Division of GM will be bringing their touring “Autoshow in Motion” to Lone Star Park race track in Grand Prairie, Texas. The dates are November 11-14, but Saturday and Sunday, November 13 & 14 are special to SSR owners.

This is an Invitation-Only Event. Chevy will bring all of the new 2005 models, including the new SSR and Corvette. Guests will have the opportunity to drive these new vehicles and, in addition, Chevy will have competitive vehicles (Porsche, 350ZX, etc.) available for comparison drives. Sounds like fun and an opportunity to talk to GM/Chevy representatives. In addition, I mailed approximately 50 letters to North Texas Chevrolet dealers, asking sales managers to advise their previous and future SSR customers of the formation of an SSR Owners Group.

Two Dallas area dealerships have called me to express interest in becoming a sponsoring dealership to the club. The new Stonebriar Chevrolet dealership in Frisco (121 and Preston) is aiming for a November opening.

Chevrolet has a Club Support Specialist who is excited to work with North Texas SSR Owners in forming a club. Chevy can support clubs with speakers, products, event coordination and publicity.

As of Monday, October 25, I've got several names on file including one owner in Houston. If you would like to be a guest at the “Autoshow in Motion” please advise me by no later than mid-week, October 27 & 28. Chevrolet needs to know. I'm not yet certain of the logistics, but will advise interested owners via email.

Separately from the Lone Star event, please advise if you'd like to begin some casual “get acquainted” get-togethers. Perhaps a Saturday or Sunday afternoon lunch before winter sets in. A half-dozen SSRs makes any restaurant parking lot special. We've all experienced the attention that even one SSR can garner.

It's ok to call me days or evenings. My personal line is 972-712-7301 or email me at [email protected]. My fax is 972-712-7303 and address is PO Box 580, Frisco, TX 75034.

Here's a chance to drive the 390 hp 2005 SSR and 450 hp '06 Corvette. I look forward to having a great SSR Owner turnout at the Lone Star Park event and remember, get any SSR owner you meet to log on to and help us get started.

Wishing you many good “top-down” days!
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