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from Pacific Accessory Corp's. web site:

AAI-GM24 Auxiliary Audio Input for GM vehicles.

The AAI-GM24 is a standalone auxiliary input for most 2003-2004 GM vehicles. Unlike our AAI-GM12, the AAI-GM24 works with vehicles that do not come with factory XM, factory DVD or factory external CD changer. The AAI-GM24 will have two auxiliary inputs selectable by the headunit's button. Even works in most vehicles with the factory 6 disc in-dash head units. The AAI-GM24 aux input is the first in the industry to use the steering wheel or radio buttons to send out commands to PAC's optional SWI-X which can be used to control an MP3 player, DVD, VCP or most devices that use an infrared remote. Note: The AAI-GM24 will not work for S10, SSR, TrailBlazer, Envoy or Bravada vehicles.

I really want to add an aux audio channel to my SSR. :cry
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