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You can order the aux. guage package from GM through your dealer or from I'm sure there are other sources.

Installation is easy and can be done yourself in about 1/2 hour.

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e-mail them, they will send you back the part number or it might be listed in a earlier thread.
You can install it yourself but get alot of sharp razor blades the rug is really tuff. ;)

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Part Number


The part # is 10387279.

GMpartsdirect's web site can be a little confusing. The only way I could find it is to click on accessory at the top of the page, select chevrolet, SSR, and the year. It will then give you a list of all accessories available. The aux. guage package is listed there.

That's where I got mine. At that time they listed it as special order and said it would take 7-10 days to get. I had it in my hand in 3.

SSRCobra is right. The carpet is a bit tuff to cut so get a good razor knife.

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Thanks for all the help! Your right Red SSR, gmpartsdirect is a little confusing. There is two listed with the satin chrome finish. The part #s are different. One sells for $312.48 and the other is $301.00. Not sure what the difference is since the web site does not have any pictures or very good descriptions. I have emailed them maybe them can tell me the difference so I will know which to order. Will keep you posted. :rolleyes:
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