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Axiom Grills?????

3624 Views 41 Replies 18 Participants Last post by  Troy Roberts
I'm just wondering how many people who've already PAID for their AXIOM Grills, haven't received them? :confused
I'm sure AXIOM is a sponsor for SSR Fanatic, and that's fine, but even after my public b**ching, and griping, about the length of time it's taking. I've YET to recieve ONE single PM, or e-mail from anyone at AXIOM! :cuss
I've been ordering special MODS for Thunderbirds, and now my SSR, for a while now, and I've YET to have someone charge me BEFORE the product was shipped!
I've heard ENOUGH about "perfection" and "quality" and waiting for the "best)".
Just where in the HECK are they? And what have you done with my money? :confused
You hear about companies going out of business all the time, and ripping people off! :leaving
I was told by Lesa on 3-12-05 that I would have mine in 3 weeks! :nono
Well, where ARE they? And WHY haven't you contacted me? :confused
I want what I ordered, and PAID for, within three days, or I want a FULL refund, and NOT on my Pay Pal account! I want a check, and one that won't BOUNCE! :mad
Now, go ahead and ATTACK me! All of you "Satisfied" customers who've already recieved your's. I've been in the car business 29 years, and THIS is totally UNACCEPTABLE!!! :mad
It only takes Chevrolet 22 hours to build an SSR, when the factory is running. :ssr
How long does it take Axiom to build some grills???? :rolleyes:
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I've noticed Axiom has been pussy footing around such post as this, while still staying active on the BB. :leaving
Well, I'm calling you out for an explanation! :mad
And you can go on, and on about "quality control" all you want to, but you've had enough time by now to deliver them "HOT OFF THE PRESSES"! :cuss
So what's the excuse for not keeping in touch with your customers? :confused
If you're going to be a part of this SSR Web Site, then you need to stop making excuses, and step up to the plate, and explain, (NOT make excuses) for yourself! :yawn
Like I've said before, I've looked for an e-mail with your 3 week promise on it, and there isn't one, or I'd nail you ! :banghead
You made it from your cell phone, and the guys in the shop can't get ahold of you because you're ALWAYS out! :ssr
I think members of this web site need to know this for their own protection, and for any orders they might be considering ordering from you. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE! :nono
I ordered my bars on 2/14/05; like you Sam, I'm not happy to get charged for an item before it ships, but because I saw Axiom's name all over this site, I figured everything was good. Well, like you, I still have no bars. And yes, I keep getting emails about this and that not being right. Personally, I'm starting to loose interest in the bars. Here is a part of the latest email I received yesterday:

Subj: RE: Grille Set Status
Date: 4/19/2005 2:57:35 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Sent from the Internet (Details)

Hi Ted! Sorry this is taking so long.
We have had to hold 6 sets that were all done in one batch. I prefered to keep the painting to 2 sets at a time, but we tried to increase the paint load.
We held the first (control) of that set for 1 week before releasing. Shipped them, and they arrived in fantastic condition, client was thrilled. He waited a week to install, and upon beginning the install, found "pops" in the painted chrome underneath the clear..................

We then chose to hold the remaining 6 from that batch to monitor what caused the issue, since they were all finished in the same group. After subjecting them to hot and cold for days, we discovered the base layer had contaminates that caused fine air pockets, very very tiny, but will pop later. We recondition the tooling after a half dozen runs, and during the reconditioning there was a sort of film or oil remaining on the tool surface. This caused some layers to not adhere properly. There were issues within each set, and we have been stripping and refinishing them for the past week, and the set that was delivered is back to us as well for repair/replacement. We are very glad we didn't have 6-7 sets out there with this issue. Yours is the 5th set in the group. You are only a 7-10 days from shipping at this point. Once they are refinished, and tested in temps, they are on their way.
This group of 6 has set us back quite a bit, but worth going thru the QC controls. As long as this wait has been , the last thing we wanted was to ship what seemed to be perfect sets, and have very unhappy SSR's a week or so after their install.

I believe I'll be in your corner asking for the refund if my bars don't go out by the end of April as per above. 2 1/2 months is a long time to wait for a product in my opinion. I guess the only consolation right now is to find out I'm not alone in my frustration. To all those contemplating ordering up these bars.........well, I don't know what to tell you, but this is the story of at least 2 SSR Fanatics. Ted
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well I think she should just give you your refund and that will speed up the process of my order atleast by 5. I have ordered but not sent check, but I have communicated by email on 3 or 4 different occasions and was told the wait would be lenghty, about 2months. I am willing to wait but if you guys get refunds then that moves me up on the list.

I also wouldn't want to get the product, put it on only to have to remove it send it back and wait again. I bet with at many orders that I have heard about on this site alone and the fact that they are basically hand made will make the order time slow.....

Am I correct Sam you also had problems getting your visor stickers?
WOW... And I was thinking of getting some of these... Seems to me they are selling Items that they are not able to produce reliably.

Well I can say this..Thanks Sam and Ted for this post. I am not one to spend money on something and have to wait like this for it.

Sam... I can help you get all your money back through paypal and it will not cost you a pennie. Just shoot me a PM or call me. 706-527-0459

Well, I wouldn't mind waiting months either if I didn't pay for the item yet. Ted
Thanks for the support! :thumbs
I think people need to speak up. The last time I posted anything about Axiom Grills and the long wait I got SLAMMED by some members for speaking my mind.
Well SLAM all you want. :smash I'm NOT backing down! :reddevil
Lesa was on here begging for orders in December, and January, then recently offering a scale model with orders. :rolleyes:
If she'd been UP FRONT with me, I wouldn't be upset, I would NOT have ordered them!
Hell, Chip Foose can OVERHAUL a car for TV in ONE WEEK!!!

Axion can't get grills to people who ordered them in JANUARY!?!?!?!?
Something is going on here! :skep
As a new member, I sure would like to know what the "FATHER" of this Web Site has to say about this unprofessional & distrubing development .

I also belong to LLSOC & "The Big Khuna" would take care of problems like these.

This needs to be addressed quickly & all members should support Troy's decision.
Sam you are right on. I was just about to order a set of these grill covers but will wait now.
I have read quite a bit from Axiom about their quality and his glowing reports. But when it comes down to it, they are only three pieces of fiberglass material that has some paint on it.
Why is it such a big deal to produce them and get them out. Are they being made in someones garage by kids. I too have ordered many parts for many different vehicles over the years and have never heard of such a long wait for three simple non moving pieces. And the price of $330 also seems high for the item. Let's see if we can get this situation resolved Axiom and how about a substantial discount for SSR fanatic members for all the inconvience.

Sarasota Joe
Sam did you see my offer on PayPal? You will either get the parts or a full refund...Just let me know...
Yes, Boosted, thanks, and I may contact you tomorrow regarding that, since I haven't heard a peep from Axiom today. :cuss
I thought surely there'd be some sort of reply to this thread.

Joe the price painted, with shipping was;

This email confirms that you sent a payment for $450.00 USD to
[email protected].

and I paid for them 3-11-05.

Lets all STRIKE on Axiom until they complete or refund on the orders they have now :agree :agree :agree :agree :agree :agree :agree :agree :agree :agree
Sam, Ugh. Even a worse senario. Don't you think that $450 is to much for three pieces of fiberglass like stuff that has some paint on it? It just doesn't seem right to me. And, even at that price they can't produce the product in a timely fashion. I know that if you don't like the price you don't have to buy it, but my opinion is that it is too high a premium for this product and feel the other members should think about the value before they fall in love.

Sarasota Joe
I paid for mine January 22nd, and they're due to arrive tomorrow. I haven't got a solution to the front plate bracket problem, as yet. The prototypes haven't gone to production I suppose, or at least I haven't heard any more about them. I therefore have not been overly anxious for the grille parts since I do not intend to drill holes in them.
Way to go, SAM

This little blast of yours should have aftermarket companies just jumping at the opportunity to build accessories for our SSRs -

Don't know if you remember, but this was your post a few months ago........

I'm Shocked At The Lack Of Accessories!
Views: 1,454
Posted By Sam Fowler
It was $140.00, and it is peel & stick. I was...

It was $140.00, and it is peel & stick. I was afraid I wouldn't like it, but when I drove to work this morning I think it looks pretty cool. :cool
It will be my last mod, except for mud flaps,...

I hope Lesa takes the opportunity to give you your money back, so this nasty episode in our lives comes to an end. I feel badlly for Axiom. They initially planned to do the grille bars in primer only and leave it up to the customer to do the rest. After much pleading, they went ahead with this rather complex process, and have run into problems. Not the greatest situation for anyone, but they probably could do without the badmouthing going on.

I hope Lesa keeps track of the complainers, and scratches them off her list of customers for the chin spoiler - no one needs customers this bad.

Taking money up front is not unusual with limited production pieces. I've paid for a set of wheels 2 months before delivery, with nothing more to work with than a CAD drawing, and it's a damned sight more than 450 bucks.

Lesa, if you're reading this, give these guys who have joined the axis of evil their money back - nothing you do from now on will satisfy them. I've done it twice in the last two years - two customers with 50K plus boats that I couldn't satisfy. Gave them their full money back, and resold the product to customers who are perfectly happy - and the whiners are out of my life for good. It's actually a pretty good feeling.

And by the way, Sam - considering how much help this site has been to you over the last 4 months, don't you think you could become a supporting member? - or is the 25 bucks too much for a 29 year Porsche dealer to handle?

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Well Ray, I told you this time I'm not going to take the slams. :smash
Mr. Smarty Pants, I'm getting ready to deliver this, in about an hour, so maybe if you'll be so kind as to tell me how to become a "Supporting Member" I can spare a little bit of my commission, and I will GLADLY do so! :thumbs
Even though the AXIOM Grills, and the air bag cover stickers, which also took forever, are the ONLY Mod I've found on this site. I do find it informative, and have tried to add ideas, and thoughts to it, so that it will keep adding members.
Maybe if people who're thinking of developing Mods for SSR's will learn something from this FIASCO!


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I support and agree with you 100%!
Nothing like taking every opportunity to discourage a company like AXIOM from producing interesting accessories for the SSR.

Lesa, thanks for putting up with this bunch, and for your controlled and gracious response to every complaint.

I'm waiting for mine and not complaining. This current slow delivery scenario isn't hurting anyone. AXIOM is truly in pursuit of perfection for our benefit.

I'm another SUPPORTING (2nd Year) MEMBER asking the participants of this forum to keep quite on this subject. If you are not satisfied, request a refund but stop fouling this for the rest of us. The product is well worth the wait.
i havent ordered anything from axiom(personally dont like the shape of the grill bars)but in earlier posts I tried to get some awnsers from them and found them to be evasive I had to ask more than once to even get a price
Axiom Grill Panels

I have owned a paint & body shop for 45 years , I know all the problems of painting fiber glass ( Corvette to Avanti ) and never had to take over seven days to paint a car ALL OVER . I do not Know what could be his PROBLEM !! :rolleyes:
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