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Ok, I am hooked on your site, so if your allocated usage goes over this month, blame me.

Now I got a couple questions...

1.) I don't see a place on your fascia for the stock there one?

2.) On the side pipes, (yeah, I know, not available yet) will they attach to stock exhaust? Just wondering about sound levels at hi-way if I changed to headers with them.

3.) Any chance of an attached heat shield on them when in production?

4.) I know you offer a discount for the purchase of the full kit, but if I didn't want the grille set and wanted the side pipes instead...would I still get a discount?

Ok, I went over a couple questions, sorry!

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Glad you enjoy the site! It needs an "overhaulin" soon.
Have fun, poke around all you want. :ssr

1. No stock foglights, unless you mount them inside the vent areas.

2. Pipes will go to the stock exhaust, just working on routing and other details.
The e cut offs will allow you to choose on and off to control noise.
This one is still deep in R&D

3. Heat sheild is possible, has been considered and part of the plan if possible without taking away from appearance.

4. Sure. No problem. :)

Call anytime - we'd be able to cover whatever info is available at this current time.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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