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Mofo said:
Hi Guys, Drove over to Axiom today and met Lisa's dad. Great guy, he took a lot of time and showed me work in progress on the Grill bars. Wow what a lot of work to make the finished product look so good. He put one of his bars on my grill and it changes the front end look. Also he has some great new products on the drawing board. Larry

Hey! Heard you stopped over - sorry I missed you! I didn't know that day when I gave you the card with the Fanatic site on it that you were Mofo!! I guess I was so excited about introducing the site, I didn't shut up to hear if you were a member!! :lol Missed you at Temecula also! :rolleyes:

Thanks for taking the time to view the processes for the grille accessories and the others - give me a buzz next time your cruizin the block and I'll be sure to be there!!

Ssshhh (secret) - new products?? We are swamped already!! ;)
See ya next time!!
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