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Do any of you remember this post? I am stirring again!!!



You guys! I am so happy you chose Axiom to bring this product to you - but I cannot feel my fingers anymore!!!
The Spoiler is going to be one of the hottest new additions - could knock the grille set off the map! ( I wouldn't mind - this chrome paint is a bear!)

I have really enjoyed being the one to model and craft this one for you all. The rest of the team has been busy with the catching up of the remaining accessory orders. Im quite proud of this one - so please forgive me!

It will mount easily using the existing tabs on the bottom of your existing fascia, and some two sided tape in the center for added security.
It will use the existing bolts at the bottom side and wheel area of your fascia, so you will need no hardware. It is also easily installed for ladies too.
As it is fiberglass, it will add structure and balance to the wobble in the existing fascia.
It can and should work with the License plate bracket options also.

Another great out of the box, user friendly, addition! Less than a 1/2 hour or hour to install.


We chose to go with Design "C" and included the upper lip mount area as seen in the Nascar item.
We had gone in that direction from the start, and prior to my finishing the surface - we asked for your opinion - and C was it!!
It is not as rough as the drawing, and is very smooth flowing, as to follow the SSR shapes.
You requested - you are about to receive!!


Here is what is going on with Group 1 - Unpainted / Painted:

The first group consists of UNPAINTED AND PAINTED orders.

These orders are Paid and First to be Produced and Delivered.

These are being produced aside of Axioms design studio - separate from current accessories to speed up the process and not interfere with the ongoing Grilles, Wings, and Fascias. They are manufactured under the supervision of Axiom, hand laid, and of top quality, hi temp epoxy fiberglass.


The UNPAINTED Spoilers will SHIP first. Orders placed this week will be the first group to ship and first on the road! Orders Paid and Placed now, will ship in less than 4 weeks. They arrive with dark grey hard surface coating, in ready to prime and paint condition, .

The PAINTED Spoilers also will go in this first production run, and then will be painted by Axiom and shipped shortly after the finish is complete. Also will be the first on the road!
Orders Paid and Placed now, will ship in 5 weeks or less. (allowing for paint, buff and cure)

This Chin Spoiler was not part of our planned items released in Phase II. We had already established our budget for the Phase II items.
The pioneers who have placed their orders for this Spoiler Item - have assisted with speeding the development of this new item, And provided the option for all to enjoy.

We are putting alot of effort into this early and new product, and want a good start to its release. We want to keep delivery times to a minimum
and chose to let our Axiom production group build them. This assures that we can ship quickly, and efficiently - and have the proper time to paint as well. Same if not better quality, same fit, and speedy turn around. Unlike our grille sets that must be baby-sat in the studio.


If you want your Chin Spoiler in the next few weeks, orders must be placed at this time to get the "group" a slot in our production facility.

Here is your pricing:

$350 Chin Spoiler CHSSR3112
$125 Paint Option (Asphalt, Redline, Slingshot, and Ricochet)
+ Shipping (will need Zip code to quote your shipping)



To assure a speedy release and solid group to send off to production -

The Pioneers who place the first orders for Group 1 receive a $15 discount. This will drop your Spoiler (unpainted) cost to $335.00

Those of you who have already ordered an accessory from Axiom automatically receive your 15% discount for your 2nd Item on top of the Bonus offer!!!! Huge savings! $282.50 Unpainted.


If you want to get into the first production group, save some dough and be the first on the road -
We will need your zip to quote your shipping, and your paid order will get you these special savings, and an early delivery of this new item.


Payments Accepted:

Payment via: Mail
Credit Cards / ATM/ Debit via:


Hope we covered all the info for you! Thanks again for your interest, your voting, and your enthusiasm to bring another cool item to market for the SSR!


Lesa A. Dodd
Axiom Design Solutions, Inc.
[email protected]
949.631.0108 PH
949.631.0098 FX
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