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Jeff & Terri
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On our first day of traveling, we stopped at Buffy’s Bed and Breakfast. Buffy and Pat greeted us with open arms. Their hospitality was superb. This is definitely a 10+ star Bed and Breakfast. Most of all, they are two wonderful people, that made us feel like family.

The trip up was good, except for your usual big city traffic. Shortly after our arrival on Thursday, at the Marriott, we were greeted by MarkNY. A special thanks to Mark for the shirts.

Everyone started arriving for the Museum tour. The SSR parade was delayed a bit due to Jim G taking the scenic tour into town. He said it was quite a tour. The museum tour was great, thank you GM for giving us the opportunity to see the museum. A special thanks to hotrodgirl, Steve and Jasmine, for an awesome cookout. A special thanks for the gentlemen that made the “Lemonade”. It was great to finally meet everyone and get to know them by faces.

Devastator made sure everyone had lights to make their SSR look real cool. A special thanks for the cool lights.

On Friday, GM put on a great day for us, with the factory tours, food and prizes. Thanks again GM. Saturday was cruising to Woodward Avenue. We found Ray’s SSR parking with no problems. A special thanks to Ray for the parking, shirts, donuts, food and drinks.

Also, we wanted to give a special thanks to:
looking4anssr for the holders
RaticalSSR for the decal
Kroozn for the key ring

We hope we did not forget anyone above, if we did please forgive us and thanks.

If you never met Jim G, he is the one with the smile on his face driving his SSR, since MTI Racing finished the next installment.

We arrived home Monday night at 8:15 from the Homecoming. We had a wonderful time. We took a lot of back mountain roads on the way home. The scenery was breath taking.

We want to thank everyone for making this trip great. Everyone went out of their way to make all of us welcome.

Boop Op A Doop
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Welcome Home

Jeff & Tina,

So glad to hear that you guys had a safe trip! I enjoyed my time with both of you! I feel like I've known you 2 forever. What great personalities you both have!!!!! Can't wait to catch up with you again!

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